Friday, January 10, 2014


Prompt: Explain how you developed your design for your book carving. well i ahd just been to science class(2nd period) and we were talking about venus fly traps and stuff in the class, we come here and one of the ideas were scientific, the rest is history.
How important was it to have a clear plan before starting? VERY important the entire project had to be carefully planned out, if it wasent, it could end in disaster, the whole cutting a book thing ment you couldn't mess up.
What were the challenges you faced when working on this project? Explain how you overcame them. the challenges was at the beggining, getting to the point where i wasent mad at it was hard, eventualy though i becan to really work hard and it got completed.
 Discuss your design and how it relates to the book you chose (if that was the case, if not just discuss design). Did you take any risks? How and why?  my design was not at all related to teh book, im pretty srue it had something to do with the KKK or something like that, but the design was a bunch of venus fly traps, ready to kill unsuspecting flys, purly beautiful. i took as many risks as pages i had cut out, every page was tetious.
Describe how you felt about the overall project and if you felt it was successful. i think it was a huge sucess, i am in love with this project, it was very hard, but fun and the end result is amazing, i like it,  a lot. this is by far my favorite piece, in general.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dance party!

Dance party!

1. How did you show amusement and variety in your piece? Explain your choice of subject matter and how you created a unified piece of art.
i showed amusement through the dance floor and disco's and classical music, best party ever! now the variety was well... variety... the people are made of tons of different material, there's ,sharpie, and marker. that gave it variety.
2. Describe your experience with using mixed media. What mixed media did you use for your piece?
it was well.. this was the second thing i did, it was this, and it was fun to make, didn't think I'd finish it though. i used tons of materials, like sharpie, marker, and tons of this weird material stuff. it was really cool!
3. What role did our lessons on visual journaling play in the success of your piece? Explain.
well... a lot actually. a TON of help, it basically was a guide line for this project, so yeah, it helped.
4. Discuss any challenges you experienced and how you overcame obstacles.
any problems? well, not really, the only thing that stuck me as "trouble" per say, would be gluing the people on in the different pieces and cutting them out as well. that's basically the only trouble.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nature Boy

Nature Boy

1. Who did you choose to do a portrait of? Why did you choose that person? 
Myself, because i though it would be easier to make myself rather then anyone else, plus i can always look at myself.

2. When brainstorming about this project how did you decide what would be the best materials to use to create it? Explain how your material choice impacted the look of your piece. Why was this so important. Explain.
At first, i was going to use pennies. then i forgot to bring them, and there wasn't time to do nothing, so i got some leaves and rocks and stuff from outside. there was no way to show minor details through leaves i could think of, so it made it a little more basic. it was important from the fact that it ended up working in my opinion. i though it looked nice, maybe not my favorite thing to have done, i don't like drawing/making people, but for what its worth, it ended up well enough for me at the very least.

3. Describe the risks you took or that were involved in creating the project. What were the challenges you faced?
the risk of just doing a face was very risky for me, i'm not the best at drawing/making people. also, i had used leaves, which i knew would die and cause problems possibly... kind of why i am doing this so late. also the hot glue gun, i burned myself a few times on that, but i learned to block out the sting after a while, but at first, i was worrying about it way to much.

4. How did your choices impact the look and feel of the piece? Did your choice of materials have any connection with the person you chose to represent? 
i made a few choices, using different colored leaves, using rocks for eyes lips and nose, pines for hair, all sorts of stuff i had chosen. with me, using nature was nice, it sorta Represented part of my peaceful nature, i don't want my friends to fight all the time, and i try to make peace happen when bad things happen, so that is a part of me, i guess.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

50 Shades Of Brown

50 Shades Of Brown

1. Explain how you developed your ideas for "Sticky Situation"
at first general ideas came, gum, tape, goo, stuff like that. then i had just randomly though of pacman, cause hes in a sticky situation, and it was funny. just like my last two projects, the pointing stick on Everest and the American moon. this is the same general thing, the randomest thing possible was chosen.
2. Were you able to think outside the box when you were thinking about ideas?
i think pacman is pretty outside the box, it isn't the first thing people would think of, or the last. i feel safe to say no one else even though of pacman, hence why i chose it.
3. You were to incorporate repetition, rhythm or pattern. How did you accomplish this?
yes, i think so. yes because of the shades of brown and the line of ghosts and random wight strokes on the screen, also two pacman's and well, yeah. that's enough i suppose.
4. Describe your choice of media (acrylic, watercolor) and your challenges and successes while using it.
i used acrylic, because water color isn't my favorite thing to work with. i think it ended up being good enough, i like it. it's a very random thing, and my favorite thing to do is something random. i did however have a problem with getting myself to stop using so much brown. i wanted a ton of shades, and well after some conversation, i got myself this pieces name, 50 Shades Of Brown.
5. How important were the mini lessons to the success of your final product?
mini lessons? you mean when we talked about the paint and how t use them, right? well that... ummm... i don't know really. it might have helped on a subconscious level, but i never remember going back like "hey, i remember this way to apply this paint like this". i don't think they did anything but kinda get me out of being rusty with paint. then again, subconsciously, who knows.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

American Moon

American Moon

1. Upclose and Personal was our theme. How did you develop your ideas for this project and why did you choose your subject?

Well, my original idea was a fly going up against a fan... when i realised that was bad i went onto the moon, and decided to include America in it. the moon was the center of everything, and being American is personnel, it was supposed to be on the moon... then i figured have the flag on the moon, add 13 stars, thus this was born.

2. How did you demonstrate Emphasis in your work?

I demonstrated Emphasis through colors. the darkness of space against the stars and the light earth, and the moon outline was wight. also the American flag against grey was nice. the green and blue made it more colorful as well. that is how emphasis was shown.

3. What medium did you decide to use and why did you choose this medium over the others? Discuss how it enhances your piece. 

I chose to  chalk pastels, for a few reasons. the chalk was easy to blend and fun to work with. i also just loved chalk as a kid, so when i saw these, i figured "hey, why don't i use these". and yeah, that's that.

4.. Did you take any risks with this project? Explain.

yes i did take a few risks. one attempting to shade the earth and moon better. i also took a risk of using chalk pastels in general, this was my first project with them, it's a new thing to me, so that in itself was a risk.

5. Of the 5 characteristics of great art (technique, concept, emotion, new, medium) which did you include in your art?

i don't think there was much technique besides shading used, unless you count using purple to shade water some sort of technique. i loved my concept to be honest, a American flag, on the moon. yup, really good idea. emotion... i don't think there was much of that shown in this, unless the American flag and 13 stars gets you all teared up for whatever reason. new? ummm i think the fact that I'm new to chalk pastels is a thing, maybe? medium, yup, using the chalk pastels was the medium, 100% sure, i used a medium  of chalk pastels, and i think it worked out well.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mountain Point

                                                               Mountain Point

1. What where some of your solutions to What’s the Point?
there wsa so many ideas i head, i had bows and arrows, and roses, and also ideas on cactuses. though, i didn't chose any of them, i choose a pointing stick on mount everest... which i though was fun.
2. Which solution did you chose and why?
 I origonally though of a pointing stick on mount everest as a joke. and well, thats what i did ironicly, only the pointing stick is barely visable in the guys hand, so its mostly just mount everest. 3. How did you show contrast in your work?
 the way the mountains get darker the farther away from the sun they are, or at least what i tried to do. i also, just think it looks nice, its not amazingly detailed or anything, it just looks nice. 4. What medium did you decide to use? Why did you choose this medium over the others?
 i decided to use pencil for one reason and one reason only. i can not use the pen for my life... im really bad at it. 5. What techniques did you use to create this work?
 i tried to shade the mountains, i also darkened the lines of the mountain when they touched other mountains.i think it turned out well.
We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new.
  6. Did you take any risks with this project?
i think i took a risk drawing the person who held the pointing stick, im really bad at drawing people, so i did take a risk on that, even though mos tpeople whoudln't have any problems with it.
7. What message are you conveying? How are you convey this message through the use of your images or use of art elements or principles?   

the message i am trying to get through is that the point is the point of the world, its the biggest point out there. also that pointing sticks are funny. i used shading on the mountains, and hoped it went well, i think it did, and the contrast between mountains also really helped with that. so in all, i think it got the point across, if you know what i mean.